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                                      REASON MCLUCUS

                                         Ecological issues


The Greenhouse Gas Myth - a series of essays debunking the idea of greenhouse gases
Claims about greenhouse gases aren't consistent with physics as I know it.
What is a "black body" and does earth qualify as one?
The dew point of air is important because it determines the lowest possible air temperature.
Heat can be transferred by conduction, convection and radiation.  The first two are more important for determining air temperatures than is radiation.
Humans generate heat through various activities.  These activities are more likely to increase temperatures than is CO2.
A detailed explanation of how it is impossible for CO2 to be a “greenhouse gas”.


Flood Control

The floods of 1993 were only partly related to the excessive rainfall.  Changes in land use and other policies contributed to it.  The nation needs a better approach to flood control, including better ways of saving water and moving water to areas with insufficient water.

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Bjorn Lomborg presents his defense of his book the Skeptical Environmentalist which was criticicized in Scientific American.  SA has sought to censor this defense by forcing him to remove it from his website.

I haven't read the book so presentation of his defense doesn't constitute endorsement of the book.  I share his general criticism of many environmentalists, but am not sufficiently familiar with his specific criticisms to know to what extent I might, or might not, agree with him.

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