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My real name is Kenneth B. Lucas.  I use the pen name "Jalexson" when writing on political and social issues to avoid confusion with all the others with the same name including the one who represents a Kentucky district in the House of Representatives.

As an undergraduate in the 60's I switched from a math and physics program to the study of history and political science because politicians didn't seem to know how to discover solutions to social problems.  I have a B.A. in history with math and political science minors from Oklahoma Baptist University.  I also have 100 hours beyond an M.A. in U. S. history from the University of Kansas.  Courses include study in the fields of computer science, business administration, urban plannning, economics and geography in addition to history and political science courses.

I'm a generalist rather than a specialist.  I study human behavior in terms of the systems involved.  I tend to emphasize an non-monetary economic model for human behavior in the broad sense.  Humans choose to expend time and energy to achieve satisfaction.  In advanced societies much of this effort involves using time and energy to obtain money to purchase goods or services.  Effort might also be used to affect relationships with other people.

I don't charge for access.  Instead I borrow an approach Alfalfa used in one of the Our Gang comedies.  He couldn't get kids to purchase tickets to see the show the gang was going to put on so he suggested  kids who liked the show should "pay as you exit".  I have a link to the Amazon Honor Pay system at the end of articles for those who think what I write is worth paying for.

The Internet offers the opportunity to fully realize the idea of freedom of the press guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  This goal can only be reached if people are willing to pay their favorite writers so they can afford to devote time to writing instead of working at some unrelated job.








I also post articles at Mediard

Mediard is a user financed site rather than one funded by some large corporation.  Mediard Power Members can pretty much write about whatever they want and receive comment from other writers about what they write.  When sufficient people join there will be a rewards program in which those writers whose articles are the most popular with other writers will be paid a "reward".