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Tuesday, 1 May 2007
George WAshington
Topic: George Washington

By Jalexson

President George Washington only vetoed two acts of Congress while he was president.  One veto was because Washington believed the act was unconstitutional.  The other was because he believed the act was bad military policy that would make it more difficult to protect Americans.

The Congressional proposal to set a deadline for withdrawal in Iraq should be vetoed for both reasons. 

The Constitution explicitly assigns the power of determining how to use American military forces exclusively to the President because the President is better able to make decisions than the two houses of Congress.  The founding fathers also recognized that foreign policy and military actions sometimes required secrecy to prevent the other side from knowing what the United States was planning to do.

The Constitution authorizes Congress to declare war, but not to declare peace except through ratification of any treaties presented by the President. 

Congressional Democrats are clearly attempting to illegally alter the Constitution and President Bush should veto the act to protect the Constitution.

I'm not a poker player, but I know one important fact about how to play.  If you want to win you never let the other players know how much you are willing to bet on a given hand.  If they know you're limit, one of them needs to bet only one chip more on a hand and you will lose every time.
Democrats are telling al Qaida and other terrorists in Iraq, they only need to continue to kill for a few more months and we will quit.  

There is no reason to quit in Iraq.  The conflict is going much better than others the nation has participated in.

In fact the nation continued to fight wars when the situation was much worse than this conflict.  During the War of 1812 the British invaded the Capital and destroyed several buildings, but the United States didn't surrender.

President Abraham Lincoln had to delay issueing his Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves during the Civil War because his army was having trouble winning any battles.  But President Lincoln didn't give up.  He eventually found a general named Grant who knew how to win.

During World War II the United States left an army behind in the Phillipines because the war began very badly for the U.S., but Americans didn't give up.  General Douglas MacArthur lived up to his promise and returned to defeat the Japanese in the Phillipines and elsewhere.

American forces had to retreat in the Korean War but didn't give up and forced the North Koreans to stay out of South Korea. 


Posted by reasonmclucus at 12:01 AM CDT
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