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Jalexson Iraq
Sunday, 22 July 2007
Democrats lying
Topic: Withdrawal

Democrats should stop lying about Iraq by saying that American forces can simply leave Iraq with no consequences.  Either they are as dumb as Paris Hilton or they think we are.  

Iraq is a combat zone and any attempt to leave will be while under hostile fire.  Al Qaeda forces will be shooting at them.  The militias will be shooting at them.  Those Iraqis whom our soldiers have trained will also likely be firing at the Americans who are "deserting" them.

Combat isn't like a pickup basketball game on the playground.  Armies cannot call "time out" and leave just because they don't want to participate any more.

Al Qaeda members hate Americans and are not going to pass up an opportunity to murder American troops who are "running away" from the battle.  Attacking retreating troops would strengthen al Qaeda's claim that it had forced the Americans out with its terror tactics.  The claim would allow Al Qaeda to substantially increase its recruiting and its terror attacks.   Al Qaeda is not going to agree to a cease fire if it's leaders  know American forces will be leaving anyway.

Do Democrats want a disastrous retreat from Iraq which they would then blame on President Bush?  Or are Democrats as simple minded as Paris Hilton who didn't think she had to worry about any bad consequences for her illegal actions?


 By Jalexson



Posted by reasonmclucus at 6:04 PM CDT
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