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John Kerry has a disadvantage in the presidential race bccause he has more national opposition than is common for a Senator, including anti-Kerry web sites.(this site may not be accessible for those with older browsers - can produce a file not found error message.  Netscape 7.1 works though.)  Another site also lists many Kerry related sites.

Is criticism of Kerry justified?

I don't know how long the Washington Post article on the bronze star  with a useful graphic will be available.

There is an organization Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry.    which is highly critical of Kerry for his actions against the Vietnam War.
Airborne EngineersGreen Berets,  and a non-veteran have sites critical of Kerry.  Brian Willson criticizes an "AWOL" Kerry.  He is accused of being hypocritical on Vietnam.

Kerry talks about the medals he received in Vietnam, but were they deserved and might want of them have been awarded for a war crime.

"The Bandit" says that Kerry's crew is having increasing trouble keeping its facts straight.

Two psychologists suggest that Kerry would threaten national security.

The L.A. Times says that Kerry was at a 1971 meeting in Kansas City in which the possible assassination of Senators was discussed.

A Washington Post interview of Kerry and his wife 2 years ago includes comments indicating  he still has nightmares about Vietnam.  These nightmares could indicate he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

 I will probably be criticized by some of my fellow vets, but I'm not sure someone with this problem should be in the White House.  It might adversely affect his ability to handle the job.  Kerry's long lanky build could indicate a  genetic condition called Marfan's Syndrone.  This condition causes a long lanky build as well as a potentially fatal heart condition.

One site calls Kerry a cameleon.

Kerry served on a committee examining the issue of POW's that the North Vietnamese didn't release after the end of the Vietnam War in 1973.  One site believes he may have covered-up evidence that POW's remained in order to help the Vietnamese government normalize relations with the U.S.
 One site suggests Kerry is anti-American.

Kery has been critical of President Bush for saying Saddam Hussein had WMD, but Kerry himself made that claim in 1997.

Ravnwood talks about Kerry raising taxes.

 Kerry faces controversy for claiming Irish ancestry, Mass. has a high Irish population, at times and denying it at others.    The site suggests his paternal line was Jewish.

Teddwebb and siliconinvestor both criticize Kerry.

There is an critical essay at Free Republic.

Kerry's hair even receives criticism.

 He's accused of being a famous idiot.

 A story about Kerry's windsurfing has a favorable tone, but indicates he might be a little reckless, which could cause him to act on the spur of the moment and then later regret his actions.  For example, volunteering for Vietnam and then later demonstrating against it.  Supporting the Iraq war and then later criticizing it.


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