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In the early days of microcomputers programs were often distributed as "shareware".  Those who acquired them and decided they liked them might then send money to the programmer.  Today this procedure can also be used to reward the writers that offer their comments and research on the web.  The web offers the opprotunity to realize true freedom of the press.  At one time anyone who could afford a printing press could start a newspaper.  That option is no longer available, but the web provides the next best thing.  Writers can post on the web and readers can choose to support the writers they like instead of paying for a newspaper or magazine and letting the editor determine which writers to support.

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My real name is Kenneth B. Lucas but I write on political and social issues under the name "Jalexson"  to avoid being confused with more well know individuals who have the same name as mine including a member of the NFL and a former member of Congress. I use the pen name "Reason McLucus" to write science fiction and discuss science and technological issues.

I’m a mathematician,  historian and scientist --  a generalist and a maverick.

As an undergraduate at Oklahoma Baptist University in the sixties I switched from a program of math and physics to one of history and social science because politicians didn’t seem to know how to discover solutions to social problems. I’m not sure today’s politicians really care if they solve social problems or not as long as they please the interest groups that support them.

I have over 100 hours of graduate study beyond an M.A. in U.S. history from the University of Kansas. In addition to work in U.S. history and political science my studies include courses in Latin American history, computer science, business administration, economics, geography and journalism.  My anticipated Ph.D dissertation topic involved downtown redevelopment focusing on Wichita, Kansas.  Financial problems associated with a computer related venture to conduct workshops on using micros forced me to drop out of graduate school.  I attended graduate school in the early 70's and again in the early 80's.

I’m a Vietnam veteran. I worked in the post office serving the 173rd Airborne Brigade. I arrived in Vietnam right after Hamburger Hill and left just before American forces went into Cambodia. I served in the Central Highlands. Initially we were at a little place called Camp Fidel which was just south of Phu Cat AFB. Later we moved up to the brigade headquarters at LZ English just north of Bong Son in Binh Dinh province.

In early 1978 I worked for a few months at the Northeast Counties of Oklahoma Economic Develoment Association in Vinita, Ok.

In 1984 I took a job as a janitor at the Reno County Courthouse while attempting to find a way to earn money as a writer. In August, 2007, retired from that job for health reasons.

I tend to take an economic view of human behavior in the broad sense. Humans expend resources of time, energy and money to obtain satisfaction. Economists, particularly those who advise politicians, tend to focus on money and monetary activity. Although money plays a role in obtaining satisfaction, money itself is obtained through expenditure of time and energy.

I don’t care much for either of the major parties. They are like the mama bear and papa bear in the story of the 3 bears. They want to do too much or too little, implement too many regulations or too few.

 The print media could provide an alternative source of ideas, but journalists tend to divide along the same lines as the major parties. The Internet provides an opportunity to change that situation. Writers no longer need to get support from editors to have their works published. Writers can connect directly with readers.

Much of my science writing involves exposing myths perpetuated by scientists such as the claim that evolution is science and claims that CO2 has a magical ability to affect temperatures.

 Many of my essays and stories were first published at the former website.


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