In the early days of microcomputers programs were often distributed as "shareware".  Those who acquired them and decided they liked them might then send money to the programmer.  Today this procedure can also be used to reward the writers that offer their comments and research on the web.  The web offers the opprotunity to realize true freedom of the press.  At one time anyone who could afford a printing press could start a newspaper.  That option is no longer available, but the web provides the next best thing.  Writers can post on the web and readers can choose to support the writers they like instead of paying for a newspaper or magazine and letting the editor determine which writers to support.

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Can  Kmart survive?

Comments about the Bush jobs proposal.

We need tax reform rather than tax cuts.

A Value Added Tax should replace the current corporate profits tax.  Summary

A guaranteed wage would providing workers a living wage than the minimum wage.

Product liability procedures need to be reformed.

The Social Security system isn't the only potential retirement problem.

 Reforming the health care system.

The Interstate Highway System needs to be expanded to encourage economic growth.

 The current system of individual companies owning their own railroad tracks needs to be replaced by some form of unified ownership.


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I also write at Mediard

 The site operates as a series of magazines on various topics.  When you visit for the first time click on "Participate for free" to register.  They are attempting to set up the site as a paying site in which those who pay, called "Power Members", may at some point be compensated for the writings.