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                                                Science Past

Study of the Past

Those who study physical evidence from the past often misidentify themselves as "scientists".  Actually they are engaging in historical research and face the same limitations in terms of "proving" theories that other historians face.  Science is a methodology that only is relevant for research in the present.

Intelligent Design
The debate about the origin of life has been between two views called evolution and creation since the 19th Century.  Intelligent Design is a new approach to the old debate.  I provide several essays dealing with this issue..

Public schools should concentrate on teaching students about advances in biological science.  Schools shouldn't waste time teaching the outdated beliefs of Charles Darwin.  We need to encourage students to choose careers in health care which is more likely to occur if biology classes emphasize advances in health care science rather than teaching how some people believe life began.

Definitions of the terms science, supernatural and evolution.

This essay discusses the issue of intelligent design and the different ways an intelligent being might have created life.

The resemblance of the cell to a computer suggests a way life might have developed.

A new paradigm for explaining the origin of life using the idea of the cell as a computer.

When a suspicious death has occurred the coroner sometimes conducts an inquest to determine the possible cause of death.  This approach might also work for determining the cause of life.  The essay deals with some of the same points as the above essays in a more comprehensive fashion.  I need to go through and update it at some point, but for now I'll post the version I copyrighted 12 years ago.

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