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What kind of a place is Florida that it would allow an unfaithful husband to determine whether the woman he is still legally married to lives or dies, but allows no voice for the woman that gave birth to her?

Links to articles/pages about Terri Schindler Schiavo the Florida woman whose husband Michael(her legal guardian) claims she  would rather die. Her  parents claim she doesn't..  He claims she is in a "persistent vegetative state"(PVS)   and is supported by Dr. James Barnhill.   Others disagree.  Her parents say she has been  diagnosed   with acquired cerebral palsy.

Dr. William Hammesfahr, a world-reknowned neurologist who has written numerous articles, has examined Terri and says she can be helped.  So does Dr. William S. Maxfield who has written numberous articles on hyperbaric medicine and its use for brain injuries and disorders..

Terri has been moved from the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast where she was previously to a rest home  where she is guarded by police.
The Hospice during the last year purchased the building formerly used by the Largo Police Department.

Some claim the Hospice has engaged in questionable activities.  Some suggest the Hospice has become a place for killing rather than just a place for dying.

Her situation demonstrates the need  to change Florida's law dealing with the subject particularly in terms of defining brain death..   Some experts argue that technological developments will force a change in the way death is defined.  

Patients like Terri should not be denied the option of divorce from an unfaithful spouse just because they cannot communicate.  The Florida legislature enacted a law in late 2003 to delay and decision on Terri until the legislature could have time to consider new legislation for all cases.

Gordon Watts and John William Kuworski have questioned the legality of  Circuit Judge George W. Greer's  various rulings in the case supporting Michael.  However, the Court of Appeals has upheld his rulings so far.  Terri's family attempted to have Michael removed as Terri's guardian in November, 2002.

Michael Schiavo's attorney George Felos has been described as a New Age mystic.  Felos says he desires to  "litigate without becoming a combatant.''
He a book,  "Litigation as Spiritual  Practice", in 2002.  Felos also lectures on the topic "The Right to Die".   Reader reviews can be found at Target and Legal Libraries.   He has also debated the issue.

The ACLU also is supporting Michael Schiavo.

 Terri's parents question Michael's motives and are concerned her condition might have resulted from his abusive treatment of her and have expert opinion supporting them.   The Florida courts should have considered this question before accepting Michael's claims that  Terri wanted to die  to avoid the possibility of condoning murder.

They are attempting to have Michael removed as her legal guardian.  There are allegations of medical neglect.

Judge Greer did appoint a temporary guardian ad litem, Professor Jay Wolfson,  to prepare a recommendation for Governor Jeb Bush, who wanted answers to various questions about the case..  Terri's parents questioned the appointment of Wolfson.   Some question whether Wolfson can really be impartial considering that he is associated with the Hospice previously run by Felos.  The Schindler's attorney Pat Anderson has recently questioned his recommendation.

Some former patients claim that the diagnosis of PVS is often wrong.  Contrary to the statements of doctors, people in this condition may be aware  of what is going on around them.  They just are unable to get their bodies to respond.

Disability rights organizations such as Not Dead Yet: The Resistance strongly object to the way those with conditions like Terri's are treated.  These organizations have issued a joint statement supporting efforts to keep her alive.  Laura Hershey, who is disabled, has written an essay on the subject.

Many are particularly concerned because Adoph Hitler started his murderous rampage by killing those he considered "mentally unfit".

Sara Green Mele,MS,CCC-SLP of Northwestern University's Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago says in an affadavit that she believes Terri can be helped.  The Rehabilitation Institute is involved in developing brain wave based technology.

Other brain wave research is oriented to helping patients who cannot communicate with the outside world to communicate via computers.


Gordon Watts has two web sites with numerous links to pages about Terri:

http://HomeTown.AOL.com/Gww1210  or    http://www.GeoCities.com/Gordon_Watts32313

Court Links

Inclusion Daily.com has links to many articles about Terri.

The Freerepublic site also has links.

The story has been covered by the BBC and PBS.

Terri's family has arranged secret therapy for her that seems to be helping.

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