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                            The Democratic Party: RIP

                     By Jalexson  c. 2003

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The Democratic Party is clinically dead. It doesn't have a functioning brain or a functioning heart. The time has come to bury it in the political party graveyard with the Whigs and the Know Nothings.

The Democrats once had leaders like Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John Kennedy. Today's Democratic party is led by a crooked, lying rapist from Arkansas and a reckless driver from Chappaquiddick. Democrats once stood for something but now have nothing of value to offer.

The Democratic Party is morally and intellectually bankrupt. Democrats believe they are privileged characters who don't have to obey the same laws as the rest of us.

In the sixties congressional Democrats kicked Rep. Adam Clayton Powell out of Congress for corrupt behavior, but in the nineties they made no effort to kick out corrupt House members like Dan Rostenkowski. The voters had to do that by replacing corrupt Democrats with Republicans.

Rostenkowski was convicted of his crimes in federal court, but was subsequently pardoned by fellow Democrat, President Clinton.

In 1974, Democrats were prepared to impeach President Richard Nixon for Watergate related offenses. In 1998, many of the same Democrats couldn't see any reason to remove President Bill Clinton even though he lied under oath to a court. Nixon may have lied to the American people, but he never lied under oath to a court or any other body.

Clinton was also guilty of sexual harassment, which is illegal for other employees of the federal government.

Clinton illegally charged people wishing to stay over night at the White House and then used the money to finance Democratic election campaigns. Any charges imposed for using government property must first be approved by Congress. The revenue should go to the federal treasury rather than to benefit individual politicians or parties.

Democrats haven't had a new idea in 30 years. They approach everything the way they did the Vietnam War. The Johnson administration kept sending more and more troops to Vietnam instead of looking for a better way to handle the war.

If what Democrats are doing doesn't work they simply do more of the same. They either throw more money at the problem or impose stronger regulations.

Democrats claim they want to help the poor, but for the last 30 years they have supported a "welfare" program that kept poor people in poverty. Daughters of welfare mothers ended up on welfare themselves. Sons joined gangs and ended up dead or in jail.

President Lyndon Johnson and other Democrats in the sixties may have sincerely believed their programs would work, but later Democrats opposed changing the programs even after it was obvious the programs weren't working.

Could it be that Democrats deliberately kept poor people poor so the poor would feel they had to vote for Democratic candidates or risk losing what little they had?

In December, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, strongly condemned the Japanese for launching a dawn attact on American forces at Pearl Harbor while the Japanese were still negotiating with the United States. In April, 2000, Attorney General Janet Reno, a Democrat, had federal agents armed with military weapons launch a pre-dawn raid of a Miami home during negotiations with the family over the custody of a child even though a federal appeals court had explicitly refused to order the owner to turn over his grand nephew to federal authorities.

Voters shouldn't worry about the demise of the Democratic Party hurting our two party system. With the Democrats out of the way one of the existing third parties such as Ralph Nader's Green Party could become the new major party, the Republican Party might split into two parties like the Democratic Party did the last time a son of a president won a presidential election, voters might create a new party like voters did when they created the Republican Party in the 1850's.

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