In the early days of microcomputers programs were often distributed as "shareware".  Those who acquired them and decided they liked them might then send money to the programmer.  Today this procedure can also be used to reward the writers that offer their comments and research on the web.  The web offers the opprotunity to realize true freedom of the press.  At one time anyone who could afford a printing press could start a newspaper.  That option is no longer available, but the web provides the next best thing.  Writers can post on the web and readers can choose to support the writers they like instead of paying for a newspaper or magazine and letting the editor determine which writers to support.

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The War

007 is a fictional character.

The 800 lb Gorilla.

A Open Letter to the 9/11 Commission dealing with how the 9/11 attacks could have been prevented.


<>An Open Letter to Paul Harvey about war being a mistake.  11/21/2005

Memo to President Chirac  -- 3/9/2003


What is a liberal or a conservative?

Has the Democratic Party outlived its usefulness?

Janet Reno's tenure as Attorney General.

What about President Bush's jobs proposal?

We need a better way of responding to hurricanes.

The Judiciary

 What's the Matter with Kansas Journalists?

People have a false impression of the Supreme Court. It's complete history isn't pretty.
The U.S. Constitution needs an amendment to more explicitly define the judicial power including the power to rule on the constitutionality of laws.


Homosexual marriages are unconstitutional.

What's the difference between reporters and prostitutes?

 Politicians tell people "don't vote".

Do politicians make the best presidents?

John Kerry candidacy

Is This Still the USA?

The United States won the Vietnam War


Many of these essays were first published  at Mediard

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