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“Don’t Vote” say the politicans

by Jalexson  c.2003

originally published at Mediard

“Don’t vote for the Democrats,” say the Republicans. “Don’t vote for the Republicans,” say the Democrats.

Should we be surprised, then, that on election day most people take the candidates’ advice and don’t vote.

Political commentators frequently criticize voters for not going to the polls, but the real problem is the lack of politicians who can attract people to the polls. The message isn’t vote for me because “I’ll put a chicken in every pot,” but vote against the other guy because “he’ll steal your chicken.”

The incumbent governor of California, Gray Davis, has done such a lousy job as governor he’s having to spend tens of millions to try to discredit his opponent. If he hasn’t done anything worth bragging about, why didn’t members of his party replace him in the primary? Is the California Democratic Party so lacking in talent, that it couldn’t find anyone more qualified for the office?

New Jersey Democrats let their corrupt incumbent Senator Robert Torricelli go unchallenged in the primary. Then when they discovered at the last minute that voters didn’t want a corrupt Senator, they decided to change candidates even though some people had already voted early.

The political parties need to do a better job of recruiting candidates. The parties depend too much on candidates financing their own initial campaigns. The result is candidates who may be more adept at raising money than in holding office.

The parties need to do a better job of finding solutions to social problems. Year after year they propose the same old snake oil that appeals to some interest groups, but doesn’t really work.

Republicans and Democrats act like the Mama Bear and Papa Bear from Goldilocks. They want to do too much or too little. Apply regulations that are too lenient or too stringent. We need some Baby Bear politicians who will do things just right.

Voters should respond to the current situation by voting for other candidates instead of staying home. At the turn of the last century voters were also upset with the candidates offered by the major parties. Those voters didn’t stay home. They went out and voted for candidates in other parties. If more people voted for the third parties, the major parties would recognize that people are willing to vote. They simply want better choices from the major parties.

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