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In the early days of microcomputers programs were often distributed as "shareware".  Those who acquired them and decided they liked them might then send money to the programmer.  Today this procedure can also be used to reward the writers that offer their comments and research on the web.  The web offers the opprotunity to realize true freedom of the press.  At one time anyone who could afford a printing press could start a newspaper.  That option is no longer available, but the web provides the next best thing.  Writers can post on the web and readers can choose to support the writers they like instead of paying for a newspaper or magazine and letting the editor determine which writers to support.

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by Reason McLucus

© 2004

Some physicists suggest that there may be alternate earths which are almost identical to our earth. These earths are called by such names as “parallel universes” and “alternate quantum universes”. Briefly the theory is that events may occur one way in one universe and another way in another universe. For example, in one universe George Bailey might be born. In another universe he wouldn’t be born.

Different earths are often thought of as arising from a different “choice” of events in one world. For example, maybe John F. Kennedy escapes assassination on an alternate earth because someone stops Lee Harvey Oswald from entering the Texas Book Depository. However, paths might also diverge because of differences that seem minor at the time with the differences have a cumulative impact. For example, slightly different people get various jobs and eventually take slightly different actions.

On the alternate earth in this story most things prior to the 2004 election are the same except for the identities of some of the prominent people after Ronald Reagan was president. One major event is different. The California recall election happened in 2000 rather than 2003 and the actor who won is a woman who is a natural born citizen.

Some differences in names between the two worlds with the corresponding individual of our earth in ().

President Russell W. George(George W. Bush): his father former President Russell H.W. George(George H.W. Bush); former President Clint Williams(Bill Clinton): his wife Senator Valerie Williams(Hillary Clinton); former Vice President Gordon Allen(Al Gore); the presumed Democratic presidential candidate Kerry Johnson(John Kerry); 1992 independent presidential candidate Perry Rossman(Ross Perot); former Green Party candidate Alfred Nabors(Ralph Nader)..

When reading the story imagine you are watching someone who is watching a tv program or listening to a radio program. Some interviewers and commentators may be similar to but not identical with many on our world.

Chapter 1:  March 3, California Governor Elizabeth McEden is being interviewed on the Mary Queen Show.

Chapter 2:   March 4, Will Governor McEden have something important to say on the Lenny Jayson Show?

Chapter 3:  March5, Why is Liz running as a 3rd party candidate when she was once a Democrat?


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