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Intelligent Design

by Reason McLucus

Copyright 2004

     Can we determine if biological life on earth just happened or if God created it? We can't determine if the God of Abraham created life, but we can evaluate whether or not some type of intelligence created life.

     When police investigate a death or a fire they don't necessarily need to encounter a murderer or an arsonist to know if a crime occurred. They try to determine how the death or fire occurred and then decide whether it could have happened naturally. Many times they can determine if arson occurred by examining the way a building burned even though the fire might have destroyed other evidence.

     For purposes of this essay, intelligence can mean a higher dimensional being such as the God of Abraham, some other god like being such as the Spider Woman and her two sons from the Hopi accounts, extraterrestrials, or the idea behind Gaea that the earth itself is somehow alive. The intelligence could even take the form of some type of beings creating life then creating physical bodies for themselves on the planet.

     The search for life on other planets provides an example of looking for evidence of intelligence. If a space probe to a distant planet were to send back pictures showing a structure like the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, or the cylindrical tanks often found at oil refineries, we would assume intelligent beings had lived there. No natural process would produce such structures.

     People at one time believed Mars might have intelligent life because the planet contained lines that from earth looked too straight to have been produced by a natural process. Higher resolution pictures later proved that the lines weren't straight like canals, but crooked like rivers.

     The primary natural process is chaos which is irregular and unorganized. Chaos produces rivers with irregular watercourses. Chaos wouldn't produce straight canals, perfectly round tanks or sophisticated structures like the Eiffel Tower. Chaos would produce a forest of irregularly spaced trees, but not an orchard with trees organized neatly in rows.

     We tend to think of biological processes as natural because we are biological beings. However, for biological life to be natural it must result from the interaction of physical forces and the various chemical elements and the molecules that they produce without biological processes.

     The complexity of biological life and processes argues strongly for the intervention of some intelligence in its existence and development. Whether RNA or other complex molecules can develop solely through physical, non-biological processes is an open question.

     The theory of evolution has often been touted as a way for life for develop without intelligent intervention. However, the procedures evolutionists claim occurred are more consistent with the actions of an intelligent being.

     Evolutionists believe life developed as simple cells and then became more complex over a long period of time. Many computer programmers use a similar approach when developing large programs. They develop basic programs and gradually add more complex features to them. Complex technology has been developed in the same way over many years.

     Thus development of life under evolution would be consistent with how an intelligent being might develop biological life. The process of making animals more complex would be inconsistent with chaos. Chaos could rearrange genetic information through a process allowing genes to move among different species, but wouldn't create it.

     Many of the molecules in the cell would have had to be available at the same time. A random creation process couldn't have created everything at the same time. There is also the problem of coordinated development of the complex system of bones, muscles, nerves, etc. needed to move an animal around.

     The design of the cell is inconsistent with chaos. The cell is digital while chaos is analog.

     Chaos produces continuous variations. No two river courses, mountains, etc. are alike. The cell reproduces itself exactly except when acting on an instruction causing the new cell to access different instructions. Some research indicates some reproduced cells may have less "junk DNA" then the parent cells.

     Normal cells function precisely according to the inputs they receive. Chaos produces constant variations in the interaction of physical forces. The amount of energy the earth receives from the sun varies over time. Even the earth's orbit around the sun can vary.

      Biological life isn't immune to the influence of chaos. The relative distribution of different forms of genes depends on chaos. Physical factors like temperature, rainfall and amount of sunlight influence which characteristics of a plant or animal best suit it for survival at a given place and time. The presence of other species also influences which genes are most useful for survival.

     Recognizing evidence of intelligent design is easier than determining how such an intelligence could have created life. Extraterrestrials could have brought fertilized cells to earth and placed them in an artificially created environment for development. If such an event happened in the distant past no recognizable technology would be likely to survive to the present, even if something had been left behind. The beliefs of groups in Africa and Japan that their ancestors came from other planets provides potential evidence of possible extraterrestrial involvement in life on earth.

     Extraterrestrials might also have placed the basic RNA/DNA on meteorites in the form of viruses or spores and launched them into space. Those that landed in favorable environments would have developed. Discovery of such material on meteorites could provide potential evidence of life coming from this source.

     Explaining creation of life by a higher dimensional being would be more difficult because of the difficulty of perceiving the possibility of something outside the 3-dimensional Euclidian box we live in. Such a being could manipulate energy and various forces to produce a desired outcome or project himself into the 3-dimensional world to directly produce outcomes.

     Such a being could have the capacity to design reality so that biological life would be self developing. That is, physical laws including such factors as the spin of subatomic particles could be set in such a way to predispose certain environments to produce life. Under this scenario life would appear to have occurred naturally.

     A hyper-dimensional being could produce basic molecules such as RNA in space where the necessary chemicals could be kept isolated from chemicals that would prematurely degrade them.

     Direct evidence of action by a hyper-dimensional or other type being wouldn't exist. However, such a being might provide accounts to intelligent life forms, such as the Genesis account or the Hopi accounts


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