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(Note: pictures may download slowing for those with dial-up Internet access.  For repeat visitors I have decided to drop the high resolution images because they need too much memory and require too much bandwidth to download. )


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I need to update this page, but I will leave last year's pictures for a while until I have this year's ready to post.

My backyard includes a small house with a greenhouse  that I use to attempt to save my larger geraniums, especially the ivy ones, during the winter.



s too small  . 5-gallon buckets of water also help and can be used to place flower pots on to provide a 3-dimensional effect without having to purchase plants that are naturally tall. I usually paint them so they look better.  

Most of my flowers are planted in pots or planters  because I have so many trees that it’s difficult to keep the ground watered enough to support flowers and trees. I also look for other things that can hold flowers. Hank Williams claimed a bucket with a hole in it isn’t any good, but filled with dirt it makes a useful planter. Large styrofoam shipping boxes also can be used as planters and can be painted decorative colors..

The trees also provide an advantage in autumn before the leaves fall.  The leaves keep the yard warmer by preventing warm air from rising.  As the sun moves different areas are in sun and in shadow.  Using pots allows me to move flowers around to replace pots that aren't doing well


  You can support this site through PayPal.
I currently can afford to post only a few pictures of my garden.